Supported Living Services (SLS)

This support program is for adults (18+ years) on the Supported Living Services waiver.


We provide respite care to give families and providers a short term relief from being primary caregivers. Many caregivers experience stress and emotional exhaustion trying to juggle their needs with the responsibilities of caring for adults with disabilities. This also gives the person receiving services a break from their everyday environment and a chance to refresh.

Supported Employment

We have one-on-one and group employment programs. These programs will build essential skills to make each individual successful in any employment environment.

Here are a few examples of topics we cover:

  • Job Positions and Expectations
  • Appropriate Workplace Behavior
  • Understanding Pay
  • Professional Relationships
  • Role of a Supervisor
  • Customer Service
  • Time management
  • Resume Creation
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Information and Rights Review

Supported Community Connection Services

Our Supported Community Connections program offers the individuals we serve an opportunity to get out of the house and involved in the community. We provide support to enable increased mobility, relationship building, decision making, and self-advocacy skills. This will help our individuals thrive out in the world.

We build our SCC schedule with a variety of activities that foster fun, new, and meaningful experiences. Some examples of activities we participate in are:

  • Bowling & Other Entertainment Activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Going to museums, libraries, and other cultural attractions
  • Volunteering
  • Board & Sports Games
  • Going to parks and other natural attractions

Our direct support staff are experienced, trustworthy, kind, supportive, and positive people that are dedicated to supporting the people we serve and treating them with the utmost respect. Our staff build relationships with the individuals in our programs and provide person-centered support.

Transportation: We provide transportation to pick up individuals in our program to activities in the community from their homes.