Shields Foundation – PASA Agency for All!

We get to know our individuals, understand their needs, and tailor care to ensure their growth.

Our care is designed to fit your needs

  • Assisting with housing
  • Accessing the community
  • Building life-long relationships
  • Finding employment
  • Developing life skills
  • Exploring behavioral needs

Providing a range of services to help our clients remain healthy and safe.


  • Good morning pick ups will be delayed today due to weather please be patient we are trying our best to get everyone
  • Please please please make sure all members are sent with a jacket today. If they are not dressed appropriately they will not attend program today
  • Pick ups will be delayed.Please be patient we are trying our best
  • There will be NO day program tomorrow due to the weather. Bundle up and stay safe
  • Due to extremely low temperatures and road conditions we are canceling day program

Residential Services

Your next home is just a click away. Ready to provide care, comfort, and a family-like environment.

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Children Extensive Services

Helping to build the foundation of our future by providing one on one support for clients under 18.

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Day Program Services

Providing activities in our community that focus on building communication, critical thinking, and skills. Every day is a day to grow!

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