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Residential Services

Shields Foundation is of the belief that we can positively impact the quality of care that is delivered to our clients by recognizing their individual needs and by maintaining excellent relationships with our employees, referral sources, and the state and federal regulatory agencies. Regardless of religion, age, race, sexual orientation, or gender we provide a wide range of services to help our clients remain healthy and safe in our homes, but more importantly happy for a place that they call home.

We can provide residential services in a host home, independent apartment, or PCA setting. We can also provide support for individuals to receive residential services utilizing the family caregiver model. We help our clients set and achieve personalized goals to maximize independence and foster the highest-level quality of life possible. We can assist individuals in our residential program in the following areas:

  • Community access
  • Money management goals
  • Achieving optimal mental health
  • Opportunities to express feelings and needs
  • Opportunities to make safe and informed choices
  • Representative payee support
  • Opportunities to build close relationships with care providers.

Host Homes: We can provide safe, caring host home placements with dedicated providers for adults, no matter their disabilities. We can serve individuals with a wide range of intellectual, developmental, physical disabilities, as well as mental health needs. We work hard to match the individuals we serve with a host home environment and provider that fits their preferences. Our host homes provide a nurturing, family-like environment with support to encourage independence for the people we serve.

PCA: We can provide residential services for individuals to have their own room in an apartment setting with rotating staff members present to assist with personal care needs, support, and supervision.

Semi-Independent Apartment: We can provide residential services for individuals to live as independently as possible in an apartment setting, by themselves or with roommates. Shields Foundation staff regularly check on individuals in our independent apartment program by phone, video, and in-person visits and are close by and available 24/7 should the need for support arise. For our semi-independent residents, Shields staff can provide assistance with money management, shopping, meal preparation, managing self-administration of medications, being familiar with emergency procedures, use of community resources, and transportation.

Family Caregiver: Individuals receiving care with our family caregiver support model stay in the comfort of their own home or family’s home. Family members are hired to provide caregiving services. The designated family caregiver receives the same training and support from Shields Foundation that our host home providers receive. Family caregivers are also held to the same care standards as our host home providers, which requires ongoing documentation and regular communication with Shields Foundation.

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Supported Employment

We have created a one to one employment skills program that will build essential skills to make each individual successful in any employment environment.
Here are a few examples of topics we cover:

  • Job Positions and Expectations
  • Appropriate Workplace Behavior
  • Understanding Pay
  • Professional Relationships
  • Role of a Supervisor
  • Customer Service
  • Time management
  • Resume Creation
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Information and Rights Review

Day Program Services

Shields Foundation Supported Community Connections program offers the individuals we serve an opportunity to get out of the house and involved in the community. We provide support to enable increased mobility, relationship building, decision making and self-advocacy skills to help individuals thrive out in the world.

We build our SCC schedule with a variety of activities that foster fun, new, and meaningful experiences. Some examples of activities we participate in are:

  • Bowling & Other Entertainment Activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Going to museums, libraries, and other cultural attractions
  • Volunteering
  • Board & Sports Games
  • Going to parks and other natural attractions

Our Shields Foundation Supported Community Connections direct support staff are experienced, trustworthy, kind, supportive, and positive people that are dedicated to supporting the people we serve and treating them with the utmost respect. Our staff build relationships with the individuals in our programs and provide person-centered support.

Transportation: Shields Foundation can also provide transportation to pick up individuals, transport to activities in the local community, and drop them back off at their home.

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Supported Living Services

For individuals on the Supported Living Services waiver, we can provide:

  • Non-medical transportation
  • Pre-vocational job development services
  • Supported employment
  • Day habilitation services
  • Life Skills Training

Children Extensive Services

Services that supports children that have developmental disabilities. This support program is for children 0-18 years old.

CES services for individuals include:

Community Connector – enable the participant to access typical activities and functions of community life such as community education and training, volunteering, learning to use public transportation, planning and attending events and building appropriate relationships.

Homemaker Services – training and assistance with household tasks such as cooking, laundry, cleaning and other household maintenance tasks.

Personal Care – assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) such as hygiene, eating, dressing, toileting and transferring. This can also include help with shopping, money management, and meal planning.

Respite – service can be provided at your home or at a provider’s home.

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Behavioral Services

Shields Foundation team of dedicated staff strive to deliver the best quality of behavior support to improve the independence, inclusion, and overall quality of life for our clients. This is through providing evidence-based, pragmatic treatment, consultation and teaching. Our goal is to transfer and teach coping skills to clients and caregivers.