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Define your role as a Host Home Provider:How long do you foresee yourself as providing a Host Home?What, if any other languages do you speak, read and/or write fluently?

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uses a cane or walkeris hearing impaireduses adult diappersuses a wheelchairis sight impairedsmokes/drinks alcoholis non-verbalhas special medical needsis no longer workingattends weekly worship services of their choiceis involved in a relationshiphas special diet needshas special behavioral needs unique to the individual

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NoneDogsCatsBirdsReptileSmall Mammals (hamsters, etc.)


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Do you have any young children who frequently visit your home or live with you on a part-time or temporary basis?Explain and provide age(s):
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Hobbies?Clubs/Organizations?Regligious affiliations?I Attend Worship Services:Sports?Other?What experience do you have working with client that have behaviors?
Do you have any other remarks you’d like for us to know that may be helpful in considering you as a host home provider and making a good match?
Why Would a client select your home as a place to live & what do you offer that is different form other Host Home Providers: