Our Beginnings

Robert DeShields-Plowden has a background in education and has used his knowledge and skills to build upon the success of the Shields Foundation.

Robert DeShields-Plowden has a passion for working with students that have intellectual and developmental disabilities and in 2015, was awarded teacher of the year in Florida, a prestigious honor that he holds dear and is one of his biggest accomplishments.

One of the elements that Robert has found to be most effective while working with his students is the importance of establishing and maintaining effective relationships. When the foundation is laid, students feel comfortable knowing regardless of what level they are on they will master and rise to his expectations of excellence, and they will carry that into the real world.

That work with those wonderful students manifested into him fully submerging into the IDD world and never looking back. In 2016 Robert got introduced to his first client who suffered from various mental and behavioral issue. He and Jeff got very close, and that opened up to now him starting and being fully engaged in Shields Care.

Shields Care was founded to provide assistance in helping clients recover safely while also maintaining their independence with the help of our caring staff. Robert is an advocate for education, equality, and equity across the board.Those advocacy pillars have evolved into him being a community activist and over the years successfully creating and organizing events to promote awareness, rather it be to Breast Cancer, Lupus, or other life-altering events – he has tried to been involved. Robert enjoys watching sports, time with family, but what brings him the most joy is helping others.